The Blue Jackets official site. The Blue Jackets PT Walkley of the New York City local favorites Track Rabbit and long time Ed Burns collaborator, scoring several of his recent films (LOOKING FOR KITTY, and the recently completed PURPLE VIOLETS) had just finished composing the score for Burns new film THE GROOMSMEN when he gave Burns a disc of demos he was working on. The new songs had a more stripped down, straight-up, rock n roll sound and immediately stuck a chord with Burns; he especially connected to strong story telling lyrics. Enamored by PTs new direction, Burns asked him to take a shot at the end title song for THE GROOMSMEN. The song Four Cheers was the result of that request and Walkleys new band, THE BLUE JACKETS were born. In addition to Four Cheers the Blue Jackets cover of Dave Edmunds I Hear You Knockin will also appear on the THE GROOMSMEN soundtrack album. Both songs will be available on the July 18, 2006 soundtrack release on Rykodisc, and THE GROOMSMEN can be seen in theaters beginning August 4, 2006. The Blue Jackets are currently in the studio finishing up their first full length Shadows of the City due in Fall 2006.

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